Writing about psychology

Psychology in One Hundred Quotes

My first book, Psychology in One Hundred Quotes, is now available to buy. It's a tour through the history of important psychological ideas and figures, with my text putting in context the words of psychologists, philosophers of mind or those affected by psychological phenomena. In the UK and nearby, buy from The Book People, in the USA, from Barnes and Noble. (It may also be available elsewhere, these are just indicating options, not endorsements.) 

Mind Hacks

I was one of the original contributors to the Mind Hacks book (according to editor Tom Stafford, I have the honour of being the most prolific non-editor contributor!). Mind Hacks has gone on to be a blogging phenomenon thanks chiefly to site champion Vaughan Bell, together with Tom. I wrote some posts too in the early days.

British Psychological Society and other online pieces

I wrote for many years for the British Psychological Society, mainly for a website called the Research Digest (history here) and in their magazine The Psychologist.

My collaboration with the BPS began with a blog called the Occupational Digest and the posts that I will best remember are on the impact of initial interview rapport (link), imagining alternative selves (link), the effects of anger versus sarcasm on creativity (link), and laughter in the workplace (link). There are also thematic roundups of posts fo years one, two, and three.

This led to working on the main BPS Research Digest blog under editor and founder Christian Jarrett, whose guidance greatly improved my understanding of how to write. When I departed, Christian posted a 'best-of' of my pieces (link), which gives some sense of the breadth of topics I was lucky to be able to cover. In addition to this I will pick three pieces of writing that stand out to me. One is on couples sharing memory systems (link), collaborative memory being a long-standing interest of mine. The other aimed to unpack the complex statistical issues that revolve around replication science, which I tackled in this two-part series (one, two). The article I spent most time on, and for which I received the most positive reader feedback (along with some negative) was one on mental health in young people with gender dysphoria (link).

You can see all of my posts here. Many posts were picked up by other sites and publications, including NYMagBigThink and Business Insider

Elsewhere I wrote on the 2010 UK election debates and a co-authored article on Generation Y's work attitudes. I'm also an occasional contributor to Aeon and to Quartz.