This is a listing of the research that came out of my PhD at UCL and postdoctoral position at KCL. It's all peer-reviewed save for the JCN supplement at the bottom (it's a conference proceeding). You can also find my publication information at my Google Scholar page.


Towgood, K. J., Pitkanen, M., Kulasegaram, R., Fradera, A., Soni, S., Sibtain, N., Reed, L. J., Bradbeer, C., Barker, G. J., Dunn, J. T., Zelaya, F. and Kopelman, M. D. (2013), Regional cerebral blood flow and FDG uptake in asymptomatic HIV-1 men. Hum. Brain Mapp.. doi: 10.1002/hbm.22078

Towgood KJ, Pitkanen M, Kulasegaram R, Fradera A, Kumar A, Soni S, Sibtain NA, Reed L, Bradbeer C, Barker GJ, and Kopelman MD. (2012). Mapping the brain in younger and older asymptomatic HIV-1 men: frontal volume changes in the absence of other cortical or diffusion tensor abnormalities. Cortex, 48(2), 230-41.

Bright, P., Buckman, J., Fradera, A., Yoshimoto, H., Colchester, A., and Kopelman, M.D. (2007). Recall and recognition memory in amnesia: patients with hippocampal, medial temporal, temporal lobe or frontal pathology. Neuropsychologia.

Fradera, A. and Ward, J. (2006). Does dating rely on internal information? Memory, 14(7), 843-845.

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Fradera, A.J and Ward, J. (2005). Placing Memories in Time: Reconstruction of Autobiographical Context is Critical. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, Supplement S, 107.

My thesis is also available for those with the patience - click here to download the pdf. I re-read the introduction last year and was reminded that in all the angst of birthing that thing, I was pretty happy with how readable I managed to make it - the introduction, at least.