I've a lot of writing scattered around the web in various locations, much of which I aim to mirror here as an accessible repository (for you) and an archive (for me). This page contains some obvious stand-outs, with the sub-pages more comprehensive, and updated more regularly.


Psychology in One Hundred Quotes

My first book, Psychology in One Hundred Quotes, is now available to buy. It's a tour through the history of important psychological ideas and figures, with my text putting in context the words of psychologists, philosophers of mind or those affected by psychological phenomena. In the UK and nearby, buy from The Book People, in the USA, from Barnes and Noble. (It may also be available elsewhere, these are just indicating options, not endorsements.)


For the British Psychological Society

I wrote for a weblog called the Research Digest (history here) and my writing is also featured in The Psychologist magazine, both content initially reported in the blog and dedicated content. One example I am especially happy with is a piece on couples sharing memory systems (link), collaborative memory being a long-standing interest of mine. Many posts get picked up by other sites and publications, including NYMag, BigThink and Business Insider.

I also have a roundup of posts from my previous blog, the Occupational Digest, years one, two, and three.

Other work psychology related writings include a piece on the 2010 UK election debates and a co-authored article on Generation Y's work attitudes.


For Mind Hacks

I was one of the original contributors to the Mind Hacks book (according to editor Tom Stafford, I have the honour of being the most prolific non-editor contributor!). Mind Hacks has gone on to be a blogging phenomenon thanks chiefly to site champion Vaughan Bell, together with Tom. I wrote some posts too in the early days.

Other cognitive psychology writings include my academic articles and Phd thesis (click here to download pdf).


For New Public Thinking

I wrote the opening article in the first book curated by New Public Thinking, Dispatches from the Invisible Revolution. It's a personal piece in keeping with the 'age of disruption' and deep culture themes that I'm interested in.


For The Future We Deserve

The FWD is a fascinating collection of microarticles that carve out a possibility space that no single futurist could possibly have envisaged. I contributed a piece on play and another on collaboration for introverts with Steve Wheeler.  

On improvisation

I've written some articles for Arts Professional Magazine on applied improvisation. The first was written with Professor Edmund Harriss, giving an account of our project with honours maths students at Arkansas University. The second was written with Julia Pöhlmann, taking away insights from her work within the prison sector.