I work with a number of psychological organisations, including my old employer SHL/CEB and some smaller startups, offering advice and guidance. i have stronger relations with a few of these, and describing them gives some insight into the kinds of projects I find exciting.



Since early 2013 I've worked with Mindapples, a social business focused on helping everyone take better care of their minds. Here's the story.

I met Andy Gibson, Mindapples Head Gardener, years back, but it wasn't until much later we realised how much we had in common. I respected how Mindapples ran programmes that are are evidence based, drawing on both the psychological and neuroscientific literature. And the playful side of me got a kick out of their bouncy, pragmatic approach to science communication, as well as their empowering tactic to ask people - in GP waiting rooms and trendy music festivals - how they look after their mental health, using this to understand our diverse responses to good times and bad.

As well as training, consultancy and scientific review, I've been working with Andy on a book on healthier, more mindful ways of working.


Research Digest

I write for a blog called the Research Digest. Here's the story.

I started writing for the British Psychology Society in 2011, in charge of a blog on work psychology called the Occupational Digest. I wrote articles, reported on conferences, and managed social media for the site. The blog had some success , but the growth in readership was slower than we wanted, especially compared to its parent site, the massively popular Research Digest. So in 2014 I transitioned to Lead Writer at the Research Digest, retaining a focus on psychology in the workplace but with a broader remit and with my work getting out to many more readers, by an order of magnitude.

If you have research that you've recently completed or published, and think it would be of interest, by all means get in touch. We're also open to other ways to promote psychological science, so if an idea comes your way, let's talk.

 You can find the Research Digest here.
An archive of the Occupational Digest is here.